Rubber Steel Flange Gaskets

Rubber Steel Flange Gaskets

The rubber-steel gasket consists of a fully rubber-jacketed support ring which gives the gasket additional stability. At the same time, it guarantees optimum sealing characteristics, even with low bolt forces and particularly for large diameters. So this seal can also be used in soft components such as plastic flanges. It is a robust seal for installation in load-bearing connection applications.

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Product Description

A rubber steel gasket fits itself to the surface of the flange. Also when the flange mis-matches, or when there are minor damages to the flange. The rubber steel gasket has a steel insert and is available in three types. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Rubber steel gasket types 
Kaxite supply three various types of rubber steel lined gaskets:

With internal o-ring This gasket type seals perfectly, even at lower (surface) pressures. Inconsistencies and grooves are compensated. Because of the internal o-ring, this type seals better, and there is less chance of contamination of the product. Rubber steel gaskets with internal o-rings are therefore mainly used for drinking water applications.
Without internal o-ring, This gasket type seals perfectly, even at lower (surface) pressures. Inconsistencies and grooves are compensated. The internal o-ring lacks in this type, this means that there is a risk of dirt between the two flanges.
The wedge shapes The wedge shape excels in solving alignment problems and gaps in the installation. The “shell” shape provides the possibility to resolve unequal distances from 0 ° up to 8 ° within the flange.


High tightness with low bolt loads                                                                                                                                             
adaptable sealing surface - optimum balances of flange unevennesses
safe against shifting or squeezing of the gasket by the steel insert

Areas of Application/ Appliances

Pipeline construction, gas and water supply
rubberised flanges, plastic and GRP flanged joints
Pipelines in vacuum operation
enamelled pipeline and apparatus flange surfaces

Rubber steel gasket in various grades
We supply rubber steel gaskets in various rubber grades, such as: EPDM, NBR, Neoprene, Hypalon® (CSM), Viton®(FKM) and Butyl. The application determines the type of material of the product. Our specialists are happy to help you compose the right gasket.

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