Braided packing is a rope-like material which is cut into rings that wrap around the rod.

The following is listing of our most popular braided packing styles. In addition, our manufacturers fabricate a wide variety of other constructions designed to meet specific customer requirements.

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  • Super Graphite Valve Packing from expanded graphite yarns, reinforced of cotton fiber, glass Super Graphite Packing specially for high pressure valves, braided from expanded graphite yarns with corrosion inhibitor, reinforced with inconel wire. Each yarn is round braided with inconel mesh outside again.

  • Jacketed Graphite Packing braided from graphite yarns with metal alloy and glass fiber casing like the socks outside. Used in any steam valves applications.

  • Graphite Packing with PTFE Impregnated is braided from Expanded graphite yarns which impregnated with PTFE as a blocking agent thus creating a non-straining packing. The yarns are reinforced by textile fibers.

  • Flexible graphite packing braided from expanded graphite yarns, reinforced of cotton fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc. It has good thermal and chemical resistance and high elasticity. Low friction does not damage shafts and stems. KAXITE-P400K -- Flexible Graphite Packing with Corrosion Inhibitor Corrosion inhibitor acts as a sacrificial anode to protect the valve stem and the stuffing box.

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