In order to do our part in contributing to a healthier environment, Rubber-Cal makes it a priority to offer products made using RECYCLED RUBBER material, especially when this means passing savings on to our customers. But where do we get all of our recycled rubber? The vast majority of recycled rubber comes from plentiful sources of “used” rubber such as car tires. Rubber-Cal’s recycled rubber products are made from rubber that was once used as automotive tires. As a result, our recycled rubber sheets inherit some of the traits that belonged to the tires they are made from. If you are looking for an affordable rubber sheet that exhibits excellent durability against both physical and elemental abrasions, you should look no further than our recycled rubber rolls.

The process of recycling scrap tires was a very important development in modern industry and waste management. It gave rise to the availability of new, affordable recycled rubber products. Typical scrap tire management before 1985 consisted of sending whole tires to landfills for burial. This method of managing unwanted tires was designed to simply collect the tires from retailers and place them onto a pile, since there were no laws restricting how scrap tires could be managed, nor were there any programs seeking to encourage other uses for scrap tires. This led to a lot of tires taking up space that could have been used to decompose biodegradable waste. Huge tire stockpiles can be very harmful to the environment around them. Not only do they create a serious fire hazard, but tire piles can also be prime breeding grounds for harmful organisms.
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  • Recycled rubber -60A:The X-Derm’s unique coarse and bumpy surface in addition to its resilient texture offer unequal aesthetic appeal for industrial and commercial applications.

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