PTFE Sheet

PTFE Sheet

This is the PTFE material that is made by compression molding. We offer sheets with the thickness from 1 to 55 mm.

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Product Description


  • High Quality, 100% PTFE Sheet available in a selection of sheet sizes.
  • Outstanding Chemical Resistance and Able to Withstand up to 260°C.
  • Very Low Friction, Ideal for Wear Strips and Guides.
  • Strong Dielectric Properties.

Applications for PTFE Sheet.

Because of its impressive all-round capabilities in resisting chemicals, heat, cold and preventing friction or electrical current transfer, PTFE is widely used in a large variety of industries and applications. Some of the more popular ones we see include:

  • As a thermal insulation material for electronics, HVAC and industrial equipment.
  • Slide bearings.
  • Piston rings, glide rings and back-up rings.
  • Chevron seals.
  • As an electrical insulation material for low, medium or high voltage electric motors and devices.
  • For making high temperature, chemical resistant washers and gaskets.
  • For the manufacture of chemical resistant seals for pumps and valves.
  • In the warehousing and distribution industry for conveyor slides and on packaging machines.
  • In the building industry for parts and components (PTFE has excellent weathering resistance).
  • The manufacture of cryogenic seals and parts.
  • In the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry for making slides, guides and wear strips.


Colour White
Continuous Operating Temperature -150°C to +260°C
Specific Gravity 2.14 - 2.19 g/cm³ (ASTM D792)
Elongation at Break >200% (ASTM D4894)
Tensile Strength >20 MPa (ASTM D4894)
Hardness 50-60 Shore D (ASTM D2240)
Deformation Under Load
(15MPa for 24 Hours @ 23°C)
16% (ASTM D621)
Coefficient of Linear Expansion
(23°C to 200°C)
15.10-5 °C-1 (DIN 53752)
Dielectric Strength >30kV/mm (ASTM D149)
UL 94 Flammability Rating V0
Water Absorption (24 Hours) <0.01% (ASTM D570)
Coefficient of Dynamic Friction <0.1 Cold Finished Steel

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