spiral wound gasket

spiral wound gasket

Spiral wounds gaskets ( SWGs) are a great multi-purpose gasket used in piping systems throughout the world. They are somewhat inexpensive, durable and in most cases readily available (pending metallurgical and filler requirements). The good thing about SWGs is that they can be used in all pressure classes, 150# up to and including 2500#. The design of spiral wound gaskets makes them blowout resistant and well accepted within the industry as a “Fire Safe” type of gasket.

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Product Description


At KAXITE, we manufacture Spiral wound gaskets (SPW Gaskets) by spirally winding a preformed metal strip and filler on the outer periphery of metal winding mandrels whose outside diameter form the inner diameter of the gasket and superposed metal and non-metallic windings are continually wound until the required outer diameter is attained.

Compatible with the flange closure in which it is to be used, spiral wound gaskets (SPW Gaskets) can be used over the complete temperature range from cryogenic to approximately 2000°F and in all pressures from vacuum to the standard 2500 psi flange ratings making it a high pressure and high-temperature gasket. They are more resilient than any other type of metallic gasket with higher flexibility and recovery characteristics to maintain a seal under variable working conditions.


  • Style RW
    • General purpose gasket suitable for flat face and raised face flanges up to Class 2500 (*)
    • Centering ring accurately locates the gasket on the flange face, provides additional radial strength, and acts as a compression limiter.
    • Spiral winding (sealing element) consists of preformed metal and soft filler material.
  • Style RWI
    • Suitable for flat face and raised face flanges up to Class 2500 (*).
    • Recommended for higher pressure applications, for use with PTFE fillers, and when mandated by ASME B16.20 as follows: NPS 24 and larger in Class 900, NPS 12 and larger in Class 1500, and NPS 4 and larger in Class 2500.
    • Inner ring acts as compression limiter and protects sealing elements from process media attack.
  • Style SW
    • Suitable for tongue and groove, male-female, or groove-to-flat face flanges (**).
    • Spiral winding only, containing preformed metal and soft filler material.
    • Also available with inner rings—Style SWI.

Above: ASME B 16.20 Standard Colour Chart.

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