Recycled rubber -60A
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Recycled rubber -60A

Recycled rubber -60A:The X-Derm’s unique coarse and bumpy surface in addition to its resilient texture offer unequal aesthetic appeal for industrial and commercial applications.

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Recycled rubber -60A

our X-Derm sheet is made from recycled rubber material. The distinguishing feature about this recycled rubber product is its coarse and bumpy surface texture. It is resilient and offers a unique aesthetic appeal for commercial and industrial applications. The surface of this rubber texture sheet serves to improve both traction and safety for the purposes of walking upon. This product is available in custom specifications according to your needs.

Eco-Friendly Rubber: Given its recycled nature, this product is an eco-friendly alternative to other synthetic rubbers. It is made from recycled tire rubber. By using the rubber harvested from vehicle tires, it helps reduce the presence of non-biodegradable waste in the ecosystem. The additional benefits of a recycled rubber product that directly affect you are twofold. First, it is ultimately a more affordable product than its synthetic rubber counterparts. Secondly, thanks to the durable tire rubber used to make these sheets, they feature good durability against physical abrasions.

Surface Texture for Traction: This rubber texture sheet comes with a coarse and bumpy surface design that is meant to enhance traction. Traction is very important for any sheet that can be used as a runner or walkway. It enhances the grip and stability for those who are walking on top of the sheet. This eco-friendly rubber runner sheet can help make any commercial or industrial walkway a much safer place.

Eye-Catching Design: In addition to practical purposes, the X-Derm sheet can fulfill an aesthetic purpose as well. The surface texture of this recycled rubber product is meant to give a commercial or industrial area a unique and professional appearance. Surface texture can do a lot for the design and appeal of your business. When this rubber texture sheet is placed as a walkway, people will be put at ease knowing that they are in a place that values not only safety, but impressions as well.

More Benefits:

Good for resisting water
Medium durometer of 55-65, offering more flexibility
Recycled tire rubber gives this sheet enhanced weather resistance
Recycled rubber material can function in temperatures as high as 170° F

Ideal for applications such as indoor and outdoor surfacing, equipment mats, industrial liners, and more

Description: The X-Derm’s unique coarse and bumpy surface in addition to its resilient texture offer unequal aesthetic appeal for industrial and commercial applications.
Compound: Made from recycled rubber products
Color: Black
Weight: Approximate weight per square foot: 0.4 lbs.
Durometer: 55-65
Temperature Range: -20 F to 170 F
Minimum Tensile: MPA 3 or 435 PSI, ASTM-D412-97 Method A, Die C
Finish: Pebble-Top
Minimum Elongation: 218%, ASTM-D412-97 Method A, Die C
Gauges: 0.060”, 60 Mil (custom gauges up to ½” available upon request)
Widths: 36" and 48" Standard in stock (custom widths up to 60 inch are available upon request)
PSA: Avery Dennison HB 3081-53 series pressure sensitive adhesive
Roll Length: 100' (custom length available upon request)
Weather Resistance: 100%, ASTM-D1171
Staining Resistance: No visible migration, ASTM-D925, Method B
Flexibility: This average durometer (55-65) sheet rubber offers good flexibility and good elasticity.
Flammability: 1.19 in/min, ASTM-FMVSS-302
Availability: Generally in stock.
Special Feature: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) available upon request.
Custom Cuts: In addition to hand fabrication, this product can be fabricated using laser, die, and water-jet cut. Please submit your drawings for a price quote.
Applications: Traction mat, Sure-Foot Surface, Weather Resistant, Outdoor Use, Ozone Proof, Mechanical Sports Equipment, Pedals, Steps, Farm Machinery, Construction Equipment, Aerobic Equipment, Equipment Storage, Industrial Liners, Boat Runners, Walkways, Alley Mats, Industrial Shelves, Textured Walls, Soundproofing, Chair Mats, Delivery Vehicle Liners, Pet Care Liners

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